Shine Walk, Merry Maintenance

Attention: Business owners…

The Holiday Season is coming to a close but the last surge of shoppers is the mightiest. Keeping on top of your business’s maintenance, now more than ever, is crucial in order to arrive to a successful end of the year.  Well-kept, clean, inviting businesses attract customers and allow product and service to shine above everything else.

Don’t let an uninspired, worn-out exterior detract from the caliber of business you aim to offer. Scheduling a simple storefront, awning, or cart corral power washing/steam cleaning can be the quick, affordable pick-me-up you business needs to triumphantly ride out the rest of this year.

If you reside anywhere in the Greater Los Angeles area – Orange County, Malibu, Beverly Hills, Long Beach, Pasadena, Santa Monica – we will come to you. In addition, receive a 20% discount off your quoted price when you mention this post! Contact us for an estimate.

Shine Walk, happily cleaning your corner of the world!