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Memorial Day is fast approaching, marking the onset of Summer. While we are certain you plan on celebrating with family, friends and food, we’d like to prompt you to ask yourself a few questions. Is the barbecue still wearing last Summer’s grime? Is the deck, patio, or poolside still dappled in the drippings of that five-layer dip, or blackened with remnants of last holiday’s bonfires?

With the help of the best power washers in the greater Los Angeles area – Pasadena, Malibu, Sherman Oaks and other neighboring cities – Shine Walk would like to encourage you to revitalize all of those outdoor features, essential to a good evening of celebrating, with one of our many services.

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We look forward to helping you prepare for the ultimate holiday.

Shine Walk, happily cleaning your corner of the world!



This Sunday, we hope you revel in the sunshine and in the company of your loved ones while allowing us to make your special day that much brighter, with anyone of our environmentally friendly services! We’ll come to you whether you live in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Malibu or Pacific Palisades.

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Shine Walk, happily cleaning your corner of the world!

Before and After

FREE WINDOW CLEANING! Like us on Facebook and at the end of the month, we are going to choose one person who liked SHINE WALK to receive a FREE window cleaning service of their exterior and interior windows of residential home. Offer valid for one-time service. Winner will be chosen on April 1st 2015. The winner chosen must live within the Greater Los Angeles Area.

Whether you live in Los Angeles, Pasadena, Culver City, Beverly Hills, or any other surrounding city in Southern California there are many benefits in hiring Shine Walk as your professional power washing company.  If  Shine Walk is given a chance to pressure wash your corner of the world, we will assure you, that you will be so impressed with the outcome of how professional and highly trained our crew performs pressure washing/transforming your place of business or residence, that  you will be contacting us again for all of your pressure washing needs.  As we all know, living or working in a high-traffic areas, places can become extremely dirty quickly.  Whether its you home or place of business, whenever having guest or customers, people do judge on first and last impressions.  Ask yourself, what type of image do I want people to perceive me as?  It’s never to late to make a change, if needing so.  Contact Shine Walk today for a free estimate at (855) 759-7778!  Once free pressure washing quote has been received, mention this add and we will give you 20% off of the price quoted.  Shine Walk would be honored to earn your business.  We will be looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Can you believe how fast this year flew by? As we get closer to the Holiday Season 2014, we know you have to be preparing for the busiest time of the year.

Whether you have a retail store or restaurant/coffee shop, the first impression your location gives is the lasting impression. You want to make sure your place of business has been pressure washed, is clean and ready to receive your customers.

In support of your Holiday efforts, Shine Walk is now offering a 15% discount on your price quote when you request our high pressure washing service, or window cleaning services or parking lot striping services.

Do you need to dust off the awning at the door so your entrance looks brighter? Are your windows spotty and hard to reach? Does your shopping cart fleet look like it could use a little polish? Are your plastic hand baskets feeling a little grimey?

You better believe your customers notice the details. Give us a call today and let us recommend a high pressure washing service package that we can provide just in time for the Holidays. We are prompt and efficient, and we won’t disrupt your regular business hours.

Give us a call today at Shine Walk, (855) 759-7778. Don’t forget to mention our 15% off discount and that you read about it on our blog.

Regardless of whether you own a business in Los Angeles, Malibu, Santa Monica, or Beverly Hills the benefits of storefront pressure washing is available to you and your customers. The positive message that it sends to customers is reason enough to make the modest investment in storefront pressure-washing services. These services are provided professionally and discreetly so that customers will be unaware of the effort involved in keeping your storefront looking so clean and professional. Our highly trained staff is capable of working with buildings of all sizes and designs when it comes to pressure washing of exterior and window cleaning services, restoring them to  a new look again.  Contact us for a FREE consultation on how we can bring back the shine!

Shine Walk will be posting “free” pressure washing graffiti removal offers periodically for individual cities in the Los Angeles and San Fernando areas.  All you have to do is “like” Shine Walk on Facebook and keep a look out for our promotional ad’s for graffiti removal in your city.  Once you notice unsightly graffiti in your city, request for service at and fill out the service request form along with the address of the location needing graffiti removed.  Literally, filling out the form will take no longer than three minutes.

Shine Walk will look forward to cleaning your corner of the world!

Shine Walk's graffiti removal trucks will remove the most durable paints!
Shine Walk’s graffiti removal trucks will remove the most durable paints!

There are many homecare and garden care items that we routinely hire contractors for to ensure that our home or business is kept looking good. This can include such tasks as gardening, window washing and gutter cleaning. Two areas that are probably the most seen may have missed your attention that is the exterior of your home or business and the pavement and paths surrounding it.

Why Hire a Professional Pressure Washer
It is important to keep costs down and by using an experienced professional to do your pressure washing in Encino you are doing just that. You are guaranteed that the job will be done quickly and efficiently and that the environmental and safety laws will be strictly adhered to. This is important because the equipment uses very high pressures and many people think that it is almost the same as using a stronger garden hose. This is not the case the water is expelled at hundreds of times the pressure that a hose pipe can produce.

Mold and Mildew Removal
One of the reasons to use a reputable company to take care of your pressure washing in Encino is their experience with mould and mildew. Not only can these be destructive to your home or business but they can affect you, your family and your workers health. They are difficult to get rid of and need proper treatment to ensure that the area is not only visually clean but that all of the spores are killed. This is done with the help of detergents and cleaners that help to remove the mold and mildew as well as neutralize spores and give protection from them returning.

Clean the Exterior Instead Of Replacing It
The low cost of pressure washing in Encino means that you can clean the exterior of your home or business instead of going to the high expense of having it repaired and repainted. This includes the roof areas that benefit greatly from being regularly cleaned. The small cost of regularly maintaining can greatly extend the life of your exterior areas and keep them looking good for many years. This will in the long run more than pay for itself and allow you to keep from spending money on major repairs every couple of years.

You might not be aware of what causes stink bugs to be drawn to your home and how you might stop them from visiting. The odor that they are known for actually attracts others stink bugs and this is why it is important to both get rid of the existing bugs but also the odor. This is why power washing in Malibu can be the best way to ensure you are stink bug free.

Power Washing Away the Odor
One of the most effective ways to remove stink bug odor is with power washing. In fact many companies specialize in offering a cleaning service that improves the appearance of your home and protects it from new infestations of stink bugs that can happen if you use poisons to just kill the existing stink bugs. The odor that they produce can actually stay on the surface and be detectable by other stink bugs for quite some time.

Detergent and Power Washing
A great way to improve the effectiveness of power washing in Malibu is to use detergent. This not only is more effective in removing the odor but also is lethal to stink bugs themselves. The detergent and water mix quickly drowns the stink bugs and means any that are hiding in cracks will not be missed. This is the best way to stop the cycle of new bugs being attracted to your house and to ensure that all bugs are exterminated without having to resort to powerful and dangerous chemicals.

Low Cost and Fast
When you select power washing in Malibu as your solution then you have many advantages. It is a fast and efficient way to clean and protect your home from stick bugs and to destroy an existing infestation. The use of inexpensive detergents and water mean that you costs are kept low.

It does not take a lot of time because power washing covers a large area quickly. This is not only cheaper but also more effective because it is impractical to cover an entire house with pesticides that will kill stink bugs. The use of powerful pesticides that stink bugs are becoming increasingly resistant to has dangers for you and your families that water and detergent do not have.