Rain is not a reliable power washing system

Waiting for spring to come usually means a lot of rain, mudslides, dirt, and overall mess during these winter months.

We’ve heard some people tell us they’d rather wait for the rain to clean up all the buildup, assuming it will automatically wash it away. They don’t know that it will only make it messier.

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Announcing Shine Walk’s NEW Services

We’re pleased to introduce new services for our supermarket clients and retail locations.

 As of this month, Shine Walk is now offering equipment repairs and welding services, in addition to our high pressure washing services. We are your one stop shop for all your maintenance needs and make it easy to fix and repair your most essential business equipment.

Have your customers complained about broken shopping carts?

Do you have a fleet of carts or other equipment that constantly need repairs?

Is your store schedule busy during the day and have a limited amount of time to get repairs done?

Give Shine Walk a call and we can fix it! We’ll pick up the carts, take them back to our shop for replacement & repairs of most anything needed. Once the job is completed we’ll bring them back to your location within a 24hr turn around. This will prevent from tying up valuable parking spaces for repairs or creating an undistinguished first and last impression to customers. Services are always performed by our professional staff, who can also carry out routine maintenance checks and safety inspections upon request.

Contact us today at 626-744-9646.

Among our new services: fixing broken shopping carts for your retail location.

Holidays are coming! How does your store front look?

First and last impressions mean everything to a client.

It is important to set the tone of cleanliness before a customer/client walks into your corner of the world.  Holidays are coming and businesses will be seeing a lot of foot traffic.  Now is the time to set the tone for the customer’s experience. 

The Holidays are around the corner. Now is the time to make your store front shine.

Take a look at your store front then give us a call for a FREE ESTIMATE!  We will guarantee your customers will be amazed at the difference a bit of high pressure washing can do to make your business Shine!

Don’t let this happen to your restaurant!

The fire erupted due to lack of exhaust hood cleaning.

Whether your kitchen is large or small Shine Walk cleaning services has the experience, expertise, and equipment to professionally clean and maintain your restaurant exhaust hood system per National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) #96 Standards.

Shine Walk is available at your convenience for scheduled maintenance and emergency (health or fire department violation) service. A friendly reminder: the law requires all restaurants to be up to date with maintenance and cleaning procedures on all equipment, since restaurants pose unique fire risks.

Shine Walk “runs in the mud” for fun and a good cause

Arriving bright and early at the Rose Bowl for the Mud Run event, with all our high pressure washing equipment.

Shine Walk was proud to recently participate in the Annual Mud Run event to benefit the Pasadena community. The event consists in runners running through a muddy course and obstacles, just for a good time. Many of the runners came dressed in costumes.

Shine Walk helps clean out all the running shoes that were donated.

After the run, all runners who want to donate their muddy running shoes can do so for recycling purposes, to make matting for parks and playgrounds or donate in need of shoes. Shine Walk staff members volunteered to help pressure wash and clean all of the muddy shoes. About 1,000 pairs were collected during the event.

If you want to participate in an upcoming mud race in Las Vegas and San Diego, be sure to check out their website: www.ecomudrun.com