SoCal Dry Weather and Debris-filled Rain Gutters Pose Fire Hazard

California may be close to forgetting what the rain sounds, smells, and feels like, but it is crucial that we consider what may be clogging up our disused rain gutters.

During the summer season when fireworks, bonfires, and forest fires are rampant, the smallest, stray ember can kindle the largest fire. It’s very common for leaves, twigs, and other debris to collect in rain gutters. These clogged gutters can pose a serious fire hazard for buildings, especially in dry weather. Firefighters warn that embers from an open fire can travel up to a mile away from their original site and strongly advise homeowners to clean out their gutters regularly.

However, effectively cleaning out these rain gutters can be a rather long and laborious task. By contacting us for an estimate, our experts can handle it in a fraction of the time and at a very reasonable cost.

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Shine Walk, happily cleaning your corner of the world!


Independence Day Pressure Washing Promotion!

Red, white, and blue will streak the sky this Independence Day weekend, but before you pull out the barbecue and settle-in to be dazzled, think of what else might wear the streaks and stains of holidays past?

Patios, decks, sidings, pool sides, and awnings are all vulnerable to the wilt and wear of a good party. Professional power washings clear the filth and grime that build up on all those difficult to clean outdoor features, in time for the next celebration. So whether it’s set in smears from last summer’s Fourth of July or fresh ones from this upcoming Saturday’s, Shine Walk has the staff, skills and equipment to help!

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Southern California, Celebrate Father’s Day with a Pressure Washing Promotion

This weekend the entire Northern Hemisphere will experience the longest day of the year (the summer solstice) on Father’s Day. As if dad wasn’t enough of a reason to pull out the grill, set out the deck chairs, and revel in the warm comfort of the Southern California sun, there’s now the start of summer to ring in!

Don’t squander those extra hours of sunlight, and make sure all of your outdoor features are as fit to rejoice as you are. Decks, patios, awnings, sidings, pool sides – let us wash away the grimy remnants of seasons past so that you can celebrate dad and the commencement of a new summer afresh!

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Businesses and Residences in Southern California, Benefit From Pressure Washing!

For businesses and residences spanning the Greater Los Angeles area pressure washing is the most reasonable and resourceful solution to all outdoor cleaning needs. Not only does our process of powerful pressure washing systems, utilize only half the amount of water than the significantly less effective, garden hose and bucket method; it also requires less time and effort! Plus, we use no harmful chemicals and solutions to tackle stubborn, buildup, oil stains, and grime – relying solely on the force of high-powered water to complete the toughest of cleaning tasks.

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This summer, whether you’re in Malibu, Pasadena, Beverly Hills, Sherman Oaks or San Gabriel Valley, remember to let us help you treat yourself, the environment, and your bank account kindly!

Shine Walk, happily cleaning your corner of the world!

House Wash

Start Your Memorial Day Weekend With a Pressure Washing!

Memorial Day is fast approaching, marking the onset of Summer. While we are certain you plan on celebrating with family, friends and food, we’d like to prompt you to ask yourself a few questions. Is the barbecue still wearing last Summer’s grime? Is the deck, patio, or poolside still dappled in the drippings of that five-layer dip, or blackened with remnants of last holiday’s bonfires?

With the help of the best power washers in the greater Los Angeles area – Pasadena, Malibu, Sherman Oaks and other neighboring cities – Shine Walk would like to encourage you to revitalize all of those outdoor features, essential to a good evening of celebrating, with one of our many services.

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We look forward to helping you prepare for the ultimate holiday.

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To All SoCal Moms, Happy Mother’s Day!

This Sunday, we hope you revel in the sunshine and in the company of your loved ones while allowing us to make your special day that much brighter, with anyone of our environmentally friendly services! We’ll come to you whether you live in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Malibu or Pacific Palisades.

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Before and After


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Pressure Washing Service in Los Angeles Area

Whether you live in Los Angeles, Pasadena, Culver City, Beverly Hills, or any other surrounding city in Southern California there are many benefits in hiring Shine Walk as your professional power washing company.  If  Shine Walk is given a chance to pressure wash your corner of the world, we will assure you, that you will be so impressed with the outcome of how professional and highly trained our crew performs pressure washing/transforming your place of business or residence, that  you will be contacting us again for all of your pressure washing needs.  As we all know, living or working in a high-traffic areas, places can become extremely dirty quickly.  Whether its you home or place of business, whenever having guest or customers, people do judge on first and last impressions.  Ask yourself, what type of image do I want people to perceive me as?  It’s never to late to make a change, if needing so.  Contact Shine Walk today for a free estimate at (855) 759-7778!  Once free pressure washing quote has been received, mention this add and we will give you 20% off of the price quoted.  Shine Walk would be honored to earn your business.  We will be looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Is your storefront in need of a power wash for the holiday rush?

Can you believe how fast this year flew by? As we get closer to the Holiday Season 2014, we know you have to be preparing for the busiest time of the year.

Whether you have a retail store or restaurant/coffee shop, the first impression your location gives is the lasting impression. You want to make sure your place of business has been pressure washed, is clean and ready to receive your customers.

In support of your Holiday efforts, Shine Walk is now offering a 15% discount on your price quote when you request our high pressure washing service, or window cleaning services or parking lot striping services.

Do you need to dust off the awning at the door so your entrance looks brighter? Are your windows spotty and hard to reach? Does your shopping cart fleet look like it could use a little polish? Are your plastic hand baskets feeling a little grimey?

You better believe your customers notice the details. Give us a call today and let us recommend a high pressure washing service package that we can provide just in time for the Holidays. We are prompt and efficient, and we won’t disrupt your regular business hours.

Give us a call today at Shine Walk, (855) 759-7778. Don’t forget to mention our 15% off discount and that you read about it on our blog.

Pressure Washing Service in Los Angeles!

Regardless of whether you own a business in Los Angeles, Malibu, Santa Monica, or Beverly Hills the benefits of storefront pressure washing is available to you and your customers. The positive message that it sends to customers is reason enough to make the modest investment in storefront pressure-washing services. These services are provided professionally and discreetly so that customers will be unaware of the effort involved in keeping your storefront looking so clean and professional. Our highly trained staff is capable of working with buildings of all sizes and designs when it comes to pressure washing of exterior and window cleaning services, restoring them to  a new look again.  Contact us for a FREE consultation on how we can bring back the shine!